vendredi 27 janvier 2012

Striking Exhibition at SFMOMA

Waking up on a cloudy day suck and it take some motivation to dress up but in San Francisco there is a way to shine up your day a little. I decided to immerse myself into modern art and I headed out for SFMOMA museum. The visit was interesting. I was impressed by the magnificence for certain artworks. The second floor was dedicated to photography. I was really excited to see this exhibition. I admired the human's nature's beauty through the eyes of awesome photographs.

I walked into a small room with walls covered of photos. Broken houses, broken cars, dirty yards had been photographed. On every picture, I read graffiti. I did not understand what I was looking at. When I read, “Katrina is a bitch” I understood. I felt the emotion grabbing me. I started to cry. I could not hold it in. This talented photograph, Richard Misrach, was telling us a story of Katrina. The ironic graffiti was the expression of the hurricane’s victim’s disarray. I felt the pain.

Was it a pleasant moment? It was wonderful moment. It was the first time that I felt so emotional watching photos. There is a purpose of pictures exhibitions: memories. Never forget and always sympathize in the face of human vulnerability.

A Reflection of SFMOMA

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